Why CBD Is Better Than THC

Why CBD Is Better Than THC

Despite being derived from the same plant, CBD and THC are essentially very different products. Of course, THC still has its supporters, and will no doubt continue to do so. But CBD has captured the country and the world’s attention in a way that no-one could’ve ever predicted.

The reason for that is down to multiple aspects, mainly related to continuing positive research, virtually nil side effects, plus the perception of the general public is very different towards CBD than to THC.

So let’s take a look at why CBD is not only better but is now far more popular than THC.

  1. CBD doesn’t get you stoned

Both CBD and THC have identical molecular structures. However, a very subtle difference in how their atoms are arranged is why THC gives users euphoric effects and CBD doesn’t. 

  1. With CBD it’s a case of what it doesn’t treat? As opposed to what it does

The list of conditions for which CBD is appearing to have a positive effect is growing virtually by the day. From depression to epilepsy, science is beginning to back the claims of those who’ve extolled its virtues for many years.

So powerful are the effects of CBD that in June 2018 the FDA approved the very first medication containing the product. Epidiolex is now prescribed for certain types of epilepsy and is proving life-changing for those for whom it’s suitable.

  1. CBD has virtually no side-effects

This is in direct contradiction to THC, which has many (drowsiness, dry mouth, feeling stoned, etc.). Thanks to its subtly different reactions within the body, CBD has pretty much no side-effects whatsoever.

  1. It’s publicly more acceptable

So much so that people who’ve never considered anything to do with cannabis in the past are turning to the power of CBD for their health. With no stigma associated with the product, people are happy to talk about it. This word of mouth has helped fuel its popularity.

There are many different ways in which to take CBD. For those who like the method, CBD vape is very popular. There are also edibles, such as gummies, which contain CBD, or CBD tinctures that you can simply drop some directly on your tongue.

Of course, with the rise in popularity of CBD products quite a market has sprung up to supply them. But your choice of provider should be sought with care because not all CBD is created equal. 

Vīb is one of the industry’s most respected providers, and has brought to market a selection of top quality, guaranteed THC-free, CBD products via their online store. Their USP is that they stand by their standard of excellence, meaning that every purchase is guaranteed to be of the same high caliber. This is super-important when it comes to using CBD to treat various ailments. Not only do you need to be sure that you’re getting the same potency with every dose, but only by ensuring that this is the case allows for results to be effectively monitored.