What Is A CBD Tincture & How To Use It

What Is A CBD Tincture & How To Use It

It’s no secret anymore that CBD is widely used by athletes, patients with epilepsy, and many other individuals who need pain reduction. The inflammation-reducing properties of this isolated chemical have become an essential part of recovery for workers and the elderly alike, allowing for instant relief instead of relying on a time-release capsule. But as the technologies surrounding the use of cannabidiol improve each year (especially as legislation turns in its favor) the methods of consuming CBD have become complex. Fortunately, the innovation of CBD tinctures has taken hold, and many people are now fond of this particular CBD product form over others. 

The Tincture Itself

A tincture, (commonly used in medicine) refers to a solution of a medicinal substance in an alcoholic solvent. However, the solvent does not always need to be alcohol and instead can be another liquid such as vinegar. Additionally, there are other extraction methods, such as Co2, which utilizes carbon dioxide instead of ethanol. In short, the plant material is mixed within a solvent to extract the CBD, then the solvent is removed through heat to produce a clean product. The CBD oil is then placed into a small container for application, sometimes equipped with a dropper for easy use. 

From that point, an analysis is conducted to determine the true percentage of active CBD oil so that patients know exactly what they are consuming. Patients then have the choice of how they want to digest their CBD product, from adding a few drops to beverages or food recipes to applying a few drops directly beneath their tongue. A sublingual application appears to be one of the more popular methods of use because the CBD tincture can reach your bloodstream fastest that way. For those cautious about consuming too much CBD oil, traditional digestion may be the best move to make, as the effects will have a slower onset. In any case, it’s always advised to apply a few drops, then waiting to see how the effects unfold before adding more. 


Consistency Is Key

One of the hardest aspects of navigating the cannabis industry is how inconsistent some products can be. Certain brands have illegally inflated their potent ingredient percentages, while other brands have released CBD products which change every few purchases. When you find a brand you can count on, electing to purchase a CBD tincture may be the most effective way to provide yourself with a consistent dose of medicine. Unlike back in the days when we used to sip a spoonful of nasty cough syrup, CBD tinctures often come with flavoring to make consumption even more smooth. The tinctures offered by Vīb come in an assortment of flavors, plus they are all gluten-free, non-GMO, and fully organic. Whether you’re seeking to reduce inflammation, recover your muscles or treat a condition, the tincture method is a great way to control your medicinal regimen.