The Ins and Outs of Vaping

The Ins and Outs of Vaping

People use vape pens for dozens of reasons. In fact, surveys have revealed that not only do the reasons seem to be changing with each passing year, but that there are more of them. Even though the key initial impulse for consumer vaping was “to quit smoking,” the long-term vaping community is finally realizing that there are lots of hidden benefits and reasons to vape. Here are a few of the most recent, and most common reasons people cite according to public opinion surveys.

Vaping saves money

Studies have shown that switching from traditional tobacco cigarettes to vaporizers can cut monthly expenses by as much as 90 percent. The one slight negative on the side of vaping, when it comes to money, is the higher initial cost for a kit. But after that layout, vaping enthusiasts spend much less money per month on their activity. 

Most of the data on this topic shows that the savings from vaping range from 50 to 90 percent compared to smoking traditional cigarettes. What’s that mean in terms of raw dollars? Well, a pack-a-day smoker in the U.S. will spend around $2,000 per year on cigarettes, while a vape smoker will get the same amount of nicotine with a total cost outlay of between $200 and $1,000. It’s pretty obvious that making the switch from tobacco to vape puts money in your pocket, to the tune of about $200-$1,800 each year! Saving money is a huge reason for vaping.

Vaporizers have no “tobacco stench”

Compared to tobacco cigarettes, vaping has virtually zero odor. Studies and social media surveys have revealed that non-smokers and non-vapers view vaping as being either odor-free or carrying a slightly positive scent. That’s usually from the flavor additive that’s used in the vaping device. 

The key takeaway here is that because vaping does not involve the actual burning of tobacco, there is no long-term smell that gets into clothing, skin, hair, and car upholstery. Sometimes this reason is given short shrift, as if the non-odor of vaping is merely an insignificant reason for making the switch from old-school cigarette smoking. 

That’s not true. Ask any couple where one member convinced the other to quit smoking and take up vaping as a substitute. In nearly every case, the non-vaping, non-smoking partner has no complaint about vaping. Cigarette smoke, on the other hand, gets into everything and even has the potential to leave an icky yellowish or brown residue on everything it touches. Vaping is clean, practically odor-free and leaves no long-term smells or residues on anything. 

Vaping is safer than traditional smoking

It would take several volumes of very thick books to list the harmful physical effects of smoking traditional cigarettes. Tobacco products have been shown to cause dozens of serious, and sometimes fatal, medical outcomes in long-term users. 

Indeed, one of the key reasons people switch from tobacco to vaping includes health-related factors. For example, vaping CBD oil provides a healthy state of mind, medicinal benefits, and can restore a healthy balance to the endocannabinoid system. 

It’s always a good idea to quit smoking, whether you use vaping as a way to quit or not. The reality of the situation is this: very few people have the will power to quit cigarettes cold-turkey. Most need some form of help. Sometimes the “help” includes a support group. But vaping has been shown to work well in so many cases where smokers either don’t want to join a support group, can’t find one, or decide to use one in conjunction with vaping. There’s no question: vaping is an effective, manageable way to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes. 

Vaping is socially acceptable

Nowadays, most offices and public buildings prohibit cigarette smoking. Many, however, allow vaping. Ask anyone who vapes and you’ll soon discover that this ability to “vape in public buildings” is one of the most popular reasons for vaping. Ex-smokers, who have been relegated to second-class citizen status by current laws, are pleasantly surprised to discover the many places they can vape. Vaping, compared to traditional tobacco-smoking, is a socially acceptable activity and legally allowed in many more places than are cigarettes. 

There are limitless flavor choices with e-cigarettes

Smokers know well the limited flavor choices on modern cigarette shelves. Besides a few old-school offerings like menthol and cherry tobacco, you can count on one hand the number of traditional cigarette flavors. In the world of vaping, flavor choice is the name of the game. One of the top reasons cited as an “advantage of vaping over traditional cigarettes” is flavor choice. Consumers face an array of enjoyable, good-smelling and good-tasting flavors when it comes to e-cigarettes. 

Vaping doesn’t decrease the value of your car

Often overlooked among the advantages of vaping: higher car resale value. Spend five minutes viewing any of the many online used car sites and you’ll notice something very interesting. Cars owned by “non-smokers” carry significantly higher selling prices. That’s because most non-smokers don’t want to purchase a vehicle whose upholstery, carpeting and entire interior smells like tobacco. People who vapecan honestly list their used cars as having been owned by non-tobacco users. Prospective buyers will be willing to fork over full market value for such cars, without worrying about that nasty tell-tale sign of tobacco odor. 

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Vaping Facts Everyone Should Know About

Before embarking on the use of vapers, prospective users should know about the “three decisions” they face. These key points of consumer choice are about flavor, devices and nicotine levels. 


There are literally thousands of vaping flavorings that users can add, combine and experiment with. Unlike tobacco cigarettes, vaping products let people choose from a diverse, tasty menu of their favorite flavors that include e-juices with CBD oil, fruit, dessert and food choices to accommodate anyone’s personal tastes.  


There’s more information on this topic in the following section, but the quick take is this: first-time vapers can select among an array of simple and more complex devices. There are so-called “cigalike” vaping products that look and feel like traditional cigarettes but deliver a fresh supply of vapor to the user. Disposable vape pens provide the benefit of being prefilled with no need to charge. 
Two other common categories of vaping products include two/three-piece rechargeable units and advanced devices. Most users call advanced devices “mods” because the product allows people to tinker will various inputs like flavor or nicotine strength, heat levels, etc. 


It’s always a new challenge for vapers to decide on the strength of the nicotine they want. Not all vapes contain nicotine, such as a CBD oil vape, but several other types of products do. There are several ways to go about testing the levels of nicotine to figure out personal preference. Some like to begin with the minimum amount and calibrate up from there. Others do the opposite; they start out with a rather high nicotine level and slowly reduce it until they discover the exact level of comfort for their personal taste. A few will even mix nicotine with CBD oil for both calming and stimulating effects. 


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How to Find the Best Vaping Devices

It’s important to keep in mind that the vaping industry, and especially the vaping device industry, is still in a state of regulatory flux. Different states and smaller jurisdictions are getting into the act and it’s probably just a matter of time before the market has some solid standards. Until that day, consumers should follow a few “best practices” when it comes to choosing the best vaping devices. The overall rule of thumb is this: you get what you pay for. Here are a few more specific guidelines to consider when choosing a device for your vaping needs. Partnered with industry-leaders The vaping industry can be inconsistent when it comes to standard and quality no matter what type of vaping device you are looking to purchase. With that said, research the company you are looking to buy from and see if they are connected with industry-leaders. By doing so, you can see and determine if the company offers good quality products based off the connections it shares within the industry.


Avoid Teflon

Teflon shows up in a lot of low-quality vaping pens. Avoid it. Don’t be lured by the low cost of devices that use it. Vaping is about enjoyment, safety and long-term value. Better to spend more up-front on your vaping supplies than save a few bucks and soon discover you wasted your money.


Avoid copper

Copper is a common element used in vaping products but its ability to reach temperatures of over 1,000 degrees can mean problems for vapers who want to avoid potentially dangerous fumes. Don’t buy vaping devices that contain copper.


Opt for either grade-one or grade-two titanium

Titanium costs more but will last longer and give a better overall vaping experience. But be careful! Many unknown manufacturers and unscrupulous sellers mis-label their products. Always get composition test results from your vendor and stick with brand names you trust.


Use price as a general guideline for quality

In most cases, the better vaping devices will cost more than low-quality ones. A simple reason for this phenomenon is the cost of titanium and better-quality standards overall. There’s no reason to do price comparison among various high-quality products. But there is a good rationale for trying to consistently opt for devices that are not in the “bargain-basement” category. Titanium is an expensive metal and fine craftsmanship costs money. If you view your vaping hobby as an investment in long-term satisfaction, it can be a huge advantage to purchase high-quality products from the start. Remember that initial cost might seem expensive, but in the long-run, those better-made vaping devices will last longer, deliver better taste and be more of a joy to use.