The Best Way To Take CBD Oil

The Best Way To Take CBD Oil

In recent years, CBD has proven to be one of the safest, most effective over the counter applications for pain relief in our modern era. This hemp-derived concentrate has powerful anti-inflammatory properties, anxiety reduction, and has even helped thousands of patients suffering from epilepsy. However, with such a late entrance into the medical sphere, doctors and patients alike have had a difficult time properly dosing CBD oil products specific to each individual’s needs. To select the right type of application for you, it’s best to conduct some research to figure out how CBD oil products work, and which methods are already loved by people such as yourself. 

Capsules & Tinctures

For those without experience using vaporizers, capsules filled with CBD oil may be the most seamless transition to make because many people are familiar with medication in pill form. The main benefit of ingesting a capsule is that the dosage has been tested, and the amount will always be the same. Once you find a brand that you trust, you most likely won’t see much alteration in their product, so you can then test to see which dose is right for you. The only downside to capsule form is that it will take about an hour to kick in, so it’s advised to be careful with how much you ingest before the CBD activates. 

In the same field of oral ingestion, we have CBD oil tinctures which allow for even more accurate dosing. Unlike capsules, applying a few CBD oil tincture droplets beneath your tongue will hit you fairly quickly, therefore you can receive pain relief within minutes. For those who require pain relief daily, microdosing some of your CBD oil tinctures into your food or smoothie is a great way to mask the taste. Among patients, tincture form may be the most popular method of CBD application.


Loading some CBD isolate into your vape pen or simply purchasing a CBD disposable vape pen from Vīb is a fantastic way to medicate instantly. Unlike oral ingestions, a cloud of vapor can reach your bloodstream immediately, allowing you to control exactly how much pain relief you receive. For non-smokers, the smooth vapor released from a CBD vape pen won’t hurt your lungs or present a harsh experience, so don’t be afraid to take a few test puffs. One of the coolest parts about utilizing a CBD vape pen is that Vīb offers numerous flavors to enhance the experience.


Last but certainly not least, topical CBD oil products have been incredibly helpful for athletes and professional fighters. Since many people don’t want to ingest CBD or put smoke into their lungs, topical solutions allow patients to pinpoint exactly where their pain is coming from to provide relief. While it’s harder to monitor the potency of such products, they have surely proved their utility. 

The best way to take CBD oil depends on your relationship with this stunning isolate and what your goals are for recovery. This handful of application methods is sure to expand over the next few years, so don’t give up on CBD if you haven’t found the right product for you just yet.