How Woman Can Benefit From CBD

How Woman Can Benefit From CBD

The phenomenon that is CBD is certainly taking the world by storm. From anxiety to important medical uses, the non-psychoactive product from the hemp plant continues to amaze with its ever-increasing effect on a variety of health issues.

When it comes to the female body, increasing evidence is coming to light about how natural CBD can have a positive impact on a healthy body and mind. So let’s take a look at these, and discover the power of CBD for these uniquely feminine issues.

To Combat PMS: Cramps, bloating, pain, mood swings… The monthly struggle is very real for many. While the use of CBD to combat the many symptoms is yet to be definitively proven, there’s much anecdotal evidence to suggest that the use of topical CBD or ingested oil can help soothe discomfort and alleviate low mood. A CBD cream can be massaged into painful areas such as the lower back, breasts, or stomach, and the use of a CBD tincture can help with hormonal fluctuation

The Menopause: In a similar vein, the use of CBD can alleviate some of the symptoms of menopause and perimenopause. Mood swings, in particular, are one aspect that many women are finding CBD helps to stabilize, as well as the common complaint of insomnia. Many women find anxiety levels rise during this phase of their life and CBD can help calm this.

Another interesting aspect that’s yet to be proven but is looking highly likely to help is that CBD decreases the rate of bone density loss that occurs during menopause.

Hormonal Imbalance: Fluctuations in hormones are a common challenge for women of all ages. Studies are suggesting that the use of CBD can help with the secretion of cortisol—AKA, the stress hormone. This, in turn, benefits issues such as water retention, weight gain, hypertension, mood swings, and even combats against osteoporosis, as well as the more common issues, such as anxiety and depression.

Anti-aging And Beauty: While the use of CBD in the fight against aging is yet to have a great deal of proven research, a 2014 study found that it appears to regulate the oil production of the sebaceous glands and lower skin inflammation. This could well make it a powerful agent in combating outbreaks of acne. Other anti-aging benefits appear to show that CBD strengthens hair follicles, helps skin remain youthful, and can reduce the appearance of age spots.

While CBD can’t be considered a magic bullet for all ills, there’s no denying that evidence is stacking up as to its effectiveness to combat many health and wellbeing challenges. Of course, the key to the best effects is the quality of the CBD you purchase. Up until recently, it was difficult to find reliable sources—until, that is, the bar was raised to previously unheard of standards by top provider, Vīb.

This premier provider guarantees the quality of every product they sell, from CBD vape pens to topical applications. In addition to being 100% THC free, the hemp plants are wholly organic and every batch comes complete with an independent lab report to ensure uniformly high quality, something that’s essential when using the power of CBD to combat any health or medical issue.