Does CBD Oil Show Up on a Drug Test?

Does CBD Oil Show Up on a Drug Test?

CBD Vaping Is More Popular Than Ever — But Will It Show Up on a Drug Test?

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The Increasing Popularity Of CBD

CBD oil is a product that has become increasingly popular these days, gaining in popularity with each passing year. The reason for this popularity is the fact that CBD oil has so many outstanding benefits that it brings to those who use it. Pain management, nausea, inflammation reduction and help with sleep and anxiety are just a few of the many reasons that CBD oil is such a popular product. It is also completely safe and should not be confused with its fellow cannabinoid THC. The THC cannabinoid is the substance that is associated with the euphoria typically involved with using cannabis. CBD oil is a purely medicinal product and does not compromise the user in any way.

The Concern Of CBD Showing Up In A Drug Test

Regardless of the fact that CBD oil is increasingly legal across the world and has none of the effects usually associated with the use of cannabis, our customers at vīb often have some questions. One of the major questions that come up in regard to CBD oil is whether or not it will show up in a drug test. We understand that this is a major concern that our customers have in regard to their jobs and on the job drug testing that many individuals have to submit to in order to attain or maintain their job. The simple answer to this question regarding CBD oil and drug tests is that it will not show up. There are, however, some things to keep in mind in regard to this.

The most accurate way to answer the question of whether CBD will show up in a drug test is to state that it is extremely unlikely to show up. The drug tests that employers utilize for employment screenings are looking for the presence of THC in terms of chemicals derived from cannabis. These tests tend to not be designed to detect the presence of CBD in the person’s body, only THC.

When Purity Matters

This is great news for our CBD vaping customers that have come to rely on vīb. The reality is that the only way that this could become an issue is if you are utilizing CBD oil that contains trace levels of the THC substance. Even with this, it is unlikely and depends on the threshold of the drug test.

The one area that a CBD user could possibly run into a problem would be with a hair test. These tests are specifically designed to detect the chronic use of cannabis for its THC content. If a CBD user is vaping a CBD with trace amounts of THC, there is a possibility that something could show up on one of these hair tests, dependent on the threshold of the drug test.

False positives for THC on a drug test by those that use CBD is usually an occurrence that happens only to users that utilize high doses of CBD that happens to have some trace levels of THC in its composition. In reality, though, there is little likelihood that a high CBD dose could cause a result that surpassed the federal threshold for THC which is set at a level of fifty nanograms.

Since vīb CBD products are made with 99.9% pure CBD crystalline, there are no traces of THC that can possibly show up in a drug test. This is why we insist on using only the purest ingredients from the best manufacturers in our industry. Shop with vīb for high-quality CBD vape pens you can feel comfortable using, even when you might have a drug test on the horizon!