A Comprehensive Guide on CBD Vaping for Beginners

A Comprehensive Guide on CBD Vaping for Beginners

So, why do more people now prefer to vape CBD Oil? CBD oil has a popular reputation for providing many benefits like reducing inflammation and relieving chronic pain. Vaping is the preferred method of taking CBD oil in order to experience the effects of CBD in the fastest way with a more concentrated dose. Through vaping, your body can absorb more CBD than when you take CBD orally in pill or liquid form. That’s because your liver filters out some CBD while it cleans your blood right after your stomach digests your food. With vaping, however, you get the full benefits of CBD since you inhale it instead, bypassing the natural filtering effect of your liver. Below, you’ll find more common questions beginner CBD vapers typically have.

Where does CBD vape oil come from?

Industrial hemp plants are a primary source of CBD vape oil. You should know that hemp plants are legal because they are an entirely different species of plant than marijuana plants. Still, you can extract CBD from both hemp plants and marijuana. As it turns out, marijuana plants have a higher concentration of CBD, so research your sources because cannabis CBD oils and hemp CBD oils aren’t the same. As of the time of this writing, hemp products and CBD oils with less than 0.3 percent of THC should be legal in all 50 states because they are not psychoactive. However, prosecutors in some states still pursue lawsuits against CBD oil producers due to the questionable sources of their products. Pure CBD oil by itself and CBD isolate do not produce any mind-altering effects. 

Can you vape any kind of CBD oil?

Today, you see many types of CBD oil on the market that you can take orally. However, not all CBD-consumable liquids are good for vaping. You can take some types of CBD vaping juice orally if your vaporizer suddenly breaks, but standard CBD oil not meant for vaping isn’t so versatile and won’t vaporize the way you want. 

Which CBD oils are the best?

Know the differences between the main types of CBD oil because they are important. 

You’ll hear people talk about full-spectrum CBD oil versus CBD-isolate oil. Basically, a full-spectrum CBD oil comes from the entire plant. The benefits of that are enormous. Full-spectrum CBD oil contains all the natural terpenes and hemp-based cannabinoids such as cannabinol and cannabigerol. It does have some THC, but you won’t notice any psychoactive effects from it because it’s at a 0.3 percent concentration or less. 

CBD isolate is the purest form of CBD, made from isolating the CBD apart from the rest of the cannabinoids in the plant. After filtering out the CBD, they refine it to remove any terpenes, cannabinoids and other ingredients until all that’s left is a white powder. This is 99-percent pure cannabidiol. 

While both CBD isolate and CBD full-spectrum oil are good for you, people on certain types of medication who are worried about side effects should stick to CBD isolate. 

Some disposable CBD-oil vape pens have more inside them than just CBD oil. They often contain cannabidiol, various flavorings and terpenes, which give them special scents. Plus, vape pens have thinning agents like propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. Some doctors say medium chain triglycerides, commonly called “MCT,” are better thinning agents because they provide their own health benefits. MCT comes from coconut or palm oil, and it balances glucose levels in diabetic patients. In some people, MCT also helps to curb the appetite and help people lose weight. 

What are the top things to know before vaping CBD oil?

First, you should understand the basics about how vaporizers work so that you can tell the good ones from the bad ones. The vaporizer needs to have a power source, which is typically a battery. Inside, there is a heating element that manufacturers sometimes call an “atomizer.” A mouthpiece will attach to it, and inside is a chamber where you place the CBD oil or other materials that you will vape. The heating element raises the temperature of your ingredients until they become vapor, which you then inhale with the mouthpiece. You could think of it as holding a tiny stove-like heater in your hand. 

One of the most popular types of vaporizers is the pen-style vape. It is the most-portable and easiest to use since it conveniently fits into any pocket, but you should generally only use concentrates with this vaporizer. When you open it up, you can see metallic heating coil inside that vaporizes any kind of concentrated CBD-isolate oil that you put directly onto the coils. While this vaporizer is very handy, you’re going to have to replace the coils every once in a while when they eventually burn out. Most replacement coils cost at least $20 or more. 

Another concern with the heating coils inside pen-style vapes is what happens to the heating coils as they break down inside your vaporizer. The coils are oxidizing when you use them, and they release metallic nanoparticles that have nowhere else to go except inside the same vapor you’re inhaling. While you can extend the life of the coils when you use only the purest CBD isolates for vaping, a lot of CBD oils sold today are not pure. Whatever flavorings or other preservatives they might add to the CBD oil can leave a residue behind on the coil that speeds up the oxidation process. The more health-conscious you are, the more important it is to vape with the highest-quality CBD concentrates rather than cheap “e-liquids” like those produced for electronic cigarettes. 

As far as replacement atomizers go, it’s better for your health to buy ones made from stainless steel that are higher quality rather than nickel-based coils or the cheapest coils you can buy. Remember that the most inexpensive metals often have the most-toxic alloys. Heating coils may contain stainless steel, titanium, iron alloys, chromium, aluminum or nickel. While vaping, most people don’t expose themselves to very high levels of these metals, but there also hasn’t been a lot of research about what happens to people who consume metallic nanoparticles through vaping over a period of years. Vapes with heating coils made from borosilicate glass or stainless steel are the least likely to contain toxic contaminants. Since an estimated 20 percent of people do have nickel sensitivities, then you’re better off avoiding any coils containing nickel. Titanium wire is more questionable. When titanium oxidizes like it does when the coil heats up inside the vaporizer, it creates titanium dioxide. This compound, which also turns up in many beauty products, can alter DNA structure in mice. Therefore, health-conscious people should avoid titanium coils as well. Also beware of false advertising where sellers claim that their vapes are free of all contaminants because they have a ceramic or quartz core. Study the photos and the insides of these vapes carefully. As long as they are still using cheap metal wire that remains exposed to your CBD oil while vaping, then you can inhale potentially toxic nanoparticles. 

Another kind of vape good for long-term use is the tank-style vape. It produces bigger clouds, and it has an inner heating coil wrapped with cotton or nylon fibers like the wick of an oil lamp that soaks up the CBD liquid blend for vaporizing. Tank-style vapes may be disposable or refillable. The disposable vapes with tanks come with pre-filled cartridges so that you can start vaping right away. However, cheaper materials make up this kind of vape, so these are some of the lowest-quality vapes you can buy. Plus, if you don’t use them correctly, then you can burn up the coil and wick too quickly and ruin the whole thing. People who are serious about long-term vaping generally prefer refillable vapes with heating coils that they can replace to get their full money’s worth out of the product. 

While vaping CBD oil is very beneficial, you do have to be very careful where you buy your stuff from. This market is still new, so some stores sell low-quality materials because they can since there aren’t so many regulations to control the quality of these products yet. To make more money, sellers might weaken their CBD vaping oils by diluting them with other cheaper oils as well. The ingredients they mix into the CBD-concentrated oil may not be good for your health. Also, some ingredients may damage your vaporizer over time. 

Buy CBD oil products according to the dosage you need to take.

Diluted CBD e-liquids will give you much milder effects than CBD concentrates. You would have to inhale 20 puffs of CBD e-liquid — which includes chemicals like polyethylene glycol — to get the same amount of CBD that you get from just one puff of CBD concentrate. Therefore, if you need to take higher doses of CBD, then you should buy CBD-concentrate oil rather than disposable vape pens or cheap CBD e-liquids. Remember that the average vape pen has around 30 mg of CBD oil only, most of which is not pure CBD. 

What should you watch out for when vaping CBD oil?

Some experts believe a minor percentage of people who vape can become allergic to some of the chemicals and materials in their vaping setup due to trace amounts of metals and contaminants, like lead and cadmium, that have been found in some vapes. Since there is little regulation of the production of vaping accessories in the United States, all consumers need to be aware of the potential allergens or any other contaminants that could be in the vaping equipment and oils they purchase. 

If you have chronic health problems with your lungs, then you should consult your doctor before vaping CBD. Some lung conditions can lead to excessive coughing, nausea and other complications if you try to vape. 

Vaping oils with potentially toxic thinning agents like polyethylene glycol and propylene glycol are readily available. However, these glycols can dissolve into cancer-causing compounds after they heat up. If you have a history of cancer in your family, then you may want to be careful to only buy pure CBD for vaping or vaping oil made with pure vegetable glycerin. You could also vape dried CBD instead of CBD oil. 

Various sources are debating about the health risks of propylene glycol. For example, the International Journal of Environmental Research claims that even small concentrations of propylene glycol can cause asthma and allergic reactions for some people when inhaled. Others insist that researchers haven’t tested it thoroughly enough to know for certain yet. If you have tendencies towards any related health conditions like these or sensitivities to chemicals in general, then it’s better to be safe and avoid this ingredient in your vaping oil. If you experience sinus irritations, get headaches or notice your stomach becoming upset every time you vape your CBD oil, then these are clear symptoms of an allergic reaction to the chemical additives in your CBD oil. If you have severe allergic reactions, then vaping anything other than pure CBD can also cause your skin to break out in hives, trigger breathing problems and induce unusual swelling. However, you should also note that glycols and vegetable glycerin used in some CBD vaping oils are also common additives in many different products that most people interact with in their everyday lives. For example, vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol are often ingredients in cosmetics, hair care products, machine vapors, cigarettes, over-the-counter medicines and various packaged foods and drinks. 

If you have no known allergies before you start vaping, then you are unlikely to have an allergic reaction to any kind of CBD oil with or without thinning agents or additives. It’s very unlikely that you would only be allergic to CBD oil without also being allergic to anything else. 

Overall, vaping CBD oil is a great way to take it in order to get stronger effects from it faster. It’s also more inconspicuous since electronic cigarettes have become so popular that now you can carry CBD-oil vapes almost anywhere without disturbing anyone. As long as you pay attention to the sources of your CBD oil and the quality of what you’re buying, then you can easily enjoy vaping CBD oil for reducing anxiety and pain relief.