CBD Lab Test Results: Cannabidiol 101

CBD Lab Test Results: Cannabidiol 101

With the popularity of CBD products growing at an exponential rate, the emergence of lab testing results on suppliers’ labels and websites is also increasing. But what do they mean? It’s all very well being presented with a bunch numbers and stats, but unless you understand them, such literature amounts to, well, not a lot, to be honest.

So it’s time to put an end to the mystery and get down to the roots of what CBD lab testing is. Read on to discover why the results are so important when it comes to your buying choice.

The Reason For Lab Testing

Most CBD products are produced from hemp oil. For this to be legally sold in the US providers must meet strict regulations to ensure that they’re not trying to get around the laws surrounding restricted drugs. One of the products in hemp, THC, (Tetrahydrocannabinol) is the element within the plant that provides psychoactive symptoms—in short, it gets you high. Most CBD in the US it has to be proven to contain less than 0.3% THC.

But this isn’t the only reason for laboratory testing…

Understanding The Cannabinoid Maze

CBD products contain many different types of cannabinoids, but the most important ones to see on lab results are CBD and TCH.

There are many others, including CBC, CBC, CBN, etc. The reason CBD and THC are so important is that quality products contain a potent amount of CBD and minimal THC—preferably 0%.

Other Important Things To Know

When selecting a CBD product it’s also important to understand the type of CBD you’re buying, plus the other ingredients in the mix.

CBD Isolate is by far and above the most superior type on the market. It’s a crystalline solid or powder that’s had all impurities and other cannabinoids removed. This means you’re guaranteed of getting the purest, most potent CBD available, devoid of the many other ingredients that inferior quality oils almost always contain.

It’s also vital to know the medium into which the CBD is presented.  For example, MCT oil, commonly extracted from coconut, is a super-healthy oil that’s often added to salad dressings, bulletproof coffee, and smoothies.

So to sum up, when you’re feeling somewhat bamboozled by the information provided by suppliers, the most important aspects to look for are as follows:

  • The levels of CBD should far exceed anything else in the lab results, including the total of all other cannabinoids combined
  • Less than 0.3%  THC
  • That the CBD is of the premium quality known as CBD Isolate
  • The medium in which it’s presented is one of purity, such as MCT oil
Market-leading CBD provider, vīb, has spearheaded the process by which they present their products. Each is accompanied by a lab report that’s available via their website, thus ensuring the highest potency of CBD and guaranteed 0% THC. CBD isolate is used due to its high versatility when consumed, MCT oil is used thanks to its additional health benefits, and the lab results also show that no other impurities are present.