CBD Drops vs. CBD Vape Pen: Which One is For Me?

CBD Drops vs. CBD Vape Pen: Which One is For Me?

CBD is, without a doubt, a product that’s life-changing for millions of people. OK, the jury might still be out on whether or not the claimed effects are scientifically proven without question. But no one can deny that for a multitude of conditions—from anxiety to increased mental clarity, pain relief to depression—folks are singing the praises of this wholly natural product. And the research to back the claims is stacking up on a daily basis.

There’s a multitude of good information online, such as Why CBD, that extols the virtue of the Cannabis plant compound. However, what many people struggle to understand is the best way to use the oil and the differences between the types on offer. Are CBD drops the same as a CBD vape pen? Can vape oil be used in the same way as a tincture? When you’re starting out it can be a puzzling journey to navigate.

Well, fear not, because we’re about to make everything crystal clear…

The difference between CBD drops, CBD tincture, and CBD vape oil

So, rule number one is the CBD drops and CBD tincture are exactly the same thing. And before vaping became a thing this was how most people used the substance. Such oils are taken orally, and usually have a dropper or spray, or can be combined in gummies or other edible products.

CBD vape oil, also called e-liquid or vape juice, is specifically produced to be used in a CBD vape pen. It produces large clouds of vapor and delivers the CBD into the bloodstream far quicker than oil, because it doesn’t have to navigate the digestive system. Vaping the juice means you feel the effects within a couple of minutes. With drops, it can take up to an hour or two to kick in.  But, crucially, the effects of vaping CBD wear off much faster than when you ingest it.

What this means in practical terms is that if you choose to vape then you might have to do so several times a day to achieve the desired effects. Whereas if you take it orally you’ll have a longer-lasting effect.

Mix and match according to your needs

The great thing is that there’s no right or wrong way to use CBD to enhance your life. For immediate results for issues such as pain relief and anxiety, you might choose to vape throughout the day. But if you’re using it to help with sleep, then CBD tincture with its long-lasting effects might be preferable. We’re all different, so a little bit of experimentation will soon see you working out the combination of oil and vape you need to suit your personal situation.

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