CBD Can Help Your Sunday Scaries

CBD Can Help Your Sunday Scaries

If you've ever found yourself in an employment situation you're not fond of, you'll be able to relate to the feeling of anxiety that can hit on a Sunday when you know the prospect of work is looming the next day.

This feeling can be particularly prevalent on a Sunday afternoon or evening and is commonly known as the Sunday Scaries. The thought of work on a Monday morning can be so stressful to some people that they call in sick on a Monday morning. 

Being in a situation where you feel yourself dreading going into work on a Monday morning is an unpleasant place to be in. If you genuinely can’t stand your job, then you may want to consider finding alternative employment. 

If you do like your job but still find yourself getting a case of the Sunday Scaries, then you may want to consider CBD as a solution. 

CBD and Anxiety 

Growing research in the past few years has shown that CBD can be beneficial at combating and managing anxiety. The advantage CBD has over traditional medications is that it has no real side effects. 

Doctors regularly prescribe Valium, Xanax, or Benzodiazepines to people with anxiety disorders, these medications, while useful, can be addictive and can cause ‘’brain fog’’ or leave takers feeling sluggish. 

CBD helps to quieten your mind and quell the panic that anxiety can cause. CBD also helps to relax your muscles, which is critical in helping people relax. When we’re anxious, our muscles can tighten, and our jaws clench. CBD can help both your muscles and jaw relax and leave you in a calm state, ready to face the week ahead.

Ways to Combat the Sunday Scaries?

As mentioned earlier, if your job is a constant source of stress in your life and is leaving you with a feeling of dread each and every Sunday, then you may want to consider a career change. If, however, you don’t mind your job, but you still feel a sense of anxiety about Monday mornings, then consider giving CBD a try. 

If your anxiety is particularly bad, then you may also want to take a look at your lifestyle and see if you can make some changes. Combining CBD with a healthy diet and lifestyle is a great way to help combat and manage anxiety. 

Where can I find CBD products?

As research into the positives of CBD become more widely known, so do the number of products available. You may be asking yourself which particular CBD product is right for you, and it’s a fair question to ask considering the number of products on the market.

Vīb offers CBD vape pens, CBD drops, topicals, and gummies that can all combat anxiety. Another benefit of all these products is the ability to carry them with you wherever you go and have them with you when you’re on the move. 

You may not know which product will work best for you, but fear not Vīb also offers bundle packages so you can try out a few different products to see which is your favorite. Let the professionals at Vīb help so you can give the Sunday Scaries the boot once and for all!