CBD And Yoga, The Perfect Combination

CBD And Yoga, The Perfect Combination

The physical benefits of yoga are well documented, such as increased flexibility, strength, and muscle tone. But the art also brings a multitude of psychological benefits to the party, including:

  • Stress relief
  • Helps with anxiety and depression
  • Decreases levels of inflammation
  • Boosts mood
  • Reduces the effect of traumatic experiences

It’s for these reasons that so many of us use yoga as a method of navigating a calm pathway through the frenetic world in which we live in today. 

But what’s fascinating is that these benefits are pretty much a mirror image of the advantages brought about by the use of CBD. Combine the two and it’s possible to elevate the positive effects of both to previously unimaginable levels.

The Ultimate Matchmaking Combination

The use of quality CBD products—ones that are completely THC free—is something that many yoga enthusiasts are being turned onto. Far from this simply being a trend, there’s increasing scientific evidence to back why the two complement each other so perfectly.

  • Slows a racing mind: There can’t be many out there who’ve not experienced difficulties in turning off intrusive thoughts during a yoga session. CBD helps slow that whirlwind, soothing an avenue to the meditative state required to truly find your Savasana.
  • Prolongs the good vibe: The blissful feeling brought about by yoga is often washed away far too quickly once you return to the stresses of the day. That sensation is caused by increased production of a neurotransmitter called Anandamide, but this fragile substance is quickly broken down by enzymes within the body. CBD has been shown to suppress this enzyme, therefore extending the post-yoga feel-good sensation for longer.
  • Helps with recovery: While yoga is a wonderfully relaxing activity, it can also be really hard work, especially if you’re into Vinyasa. Thanks to CBD’s inflammation-fighting ability it helps reduce muscle tightness and any residual soreness.                                                                     

The Mind-body Connection

The crucial aspect of combining yoga efforts with the use of CBD is that it opens up a dialogue between brain and body at a deeper level than either can do in isolation. There are different ways in which to combine CBD with your practice, with some choosing to apply it to the body as a salve, and other’s to ingest it via an oil (also known as a tincture).

Either is good, although many find it more convenient to simply place the drops beneath their tongue shortly before the class starts. The most crucial aspect is to ensure only the highest quality of CBD product is used, such as that from market-leader CBD company, Vīb, who guarantee their products to be 100% THC-free, and of a consistently tested uniform high standard.

Of course, neither yoga nor CBD is the magic bullet to cure all ills. However, for one of the most effective, natural methods of fighting the effects of anxiety, depression, chronic pain, or any post-traumatic experience, it’s a pretty hard combination to beat.