Can CBD Relieve Allergy Symptoms?

Can CBD Relieve Allergy Symptoms?

Allergies are a pain no matter when they strike. Runny noses, high-temperatures, fevers, none of the symptoms are ever fun to deal with. If you’re struck down by allergy symptoms, then you’ll no doubt want to get back on your feet as soon as possible.

Many people are beginning to look into alternative medicines as a way to deal with their allergies. CBD is growing in popularity due to the ever-increasing evidence of its effectiveness in dealing with a multitude of health issues. 

CBD has been linked to helping ease allergy symptoms, and more and more people are looking into it as a possible way to ease their symptoms when they strike.

How CBD Can Ease Allergy Symptoms?

Research suggests that CBD can block certain cells from releasing histamines. Mast Cells are the cells in your body that are responsible for causing allergic reactions. When you are allergic to something your immune system activates a chain reaction to release histamines as a form of protection; unfortunately, this results in a lot of allergy symptoms. 

Traditional medications such as antihistamines help to suppress this reaction and lessen your allergy symptoms. CBD works similarly; it contains anti-inflammatory properties that help to play an essential role in regulating the immune system. Some people now prefer CBD to traditional medications due to CBD generally having fewer side effects. High-CBD strains are thought to open up sinuses and relieve pressure in the naval capacities, and if you’ve ever had a cold, then you will know that breathing can be difficult and any relief is welcome.

CBD oil is preferable over smoking or inhaling cannabis as these can irritate your sinuses and throat further, and both are likely inflamed or swollen if you’re already suffering from allergies. CBD oil drops work well for helping to soothe a sore throat; you can combine CBD with honey or tea for further soothing effects. 

Is CBD A Long Term Solution?

As CBD grows in popularity and cements itself in the mainstream, more and more research will be carried out to see if CBD is a viable long term solution as a remedy to people’s allergies, certainly, though the early signs are encouraging. A lot of the time, allergies pop up at certain times of the year, so different allergy management strategies should be tried out depending on how severe your symptoms are. It’s always worth checking with a medical professional if you’re worried that your symptoms are becoming worse than normal.

Where To Find Suitable CBD Products?

CBD may not work for everyone, but if you’re looking into more natural remedies as a way to ease your allergy symptoms, then it’s certainly worth giving it a go. Vīb offers the highest-quality CBD products at affordable prices. Check out the online store today for a wide range of flavored CBD vape pens & tinctures. Ask our experts in-store for the full run-down on all products and see if CBD can effectively help you manage your allergies.